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2020 Christmas Shipping Deadlines!

2020 Christmas Shipping Deadlines (This is for your best shot at pre-Christmas delivery):

11/15/2020: Base International Shipping

12/6/2020: DHL Express Shipping

12/6/2020: US Priority International Shipping

12/8/2020: DHL Express Worldwide

12/8/2020: US Priority Shipping

12/14/2020: Stamped Mail (Stickers Only)

12/15/2020: FedEx 2-Day Shipping

12/16/2020: FedEx Overnight Shipping

With how messy shipping is this year due to Covid-19 I am not guaranteeing any delivery dates. These shipping dates are far enough in advance to give us time to make your product and for you to receive it as long as the carrier does what they are supposed to do.

You're more than welcome to pick whatever shipping works best for you, but after these dates it is a game of chance as to whether or not you'll have delivery by Christmas.

I am not able to adjust these dates or prioritize one order over another due to needing it shipped out more quickly, with the exception of stickers- please message me if you need a sticker shipped out more quickly :)

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