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Baseball Nursery Ideas

Happy World Series! I love baseball, so this week I was inspired to show you guys some ideas for a baseball themed nursery. Although I'm sad that the Red Sox (my favorite team) didn't make it, I'm still pumped that the Braves (my hometown team) did!

I think the idea of a baseball themed nursery is so freaking cute and was surprised to have to dig through Pinterest to find some ideas that I would personally use. I know that "themed" nursery's aren't exactly in at the moment, but I definitely think it's possible to have fun touches while maintaining a neutral vibe.

First up, I love this baseball patent wall art idea- I think that this might be the key to making a nursery stand out as a baseball room while still not being in your face baseball. I also love that these prints are digital downloads from Patent Decor on Etsy, meaning that you can upload them to Walgreens photo and have them printed within an hour (Tip: Always use a coupon for Walgreens photo- I've always found at least 40% off with a quick google search!)

I LOVE this crib and honestly any two-toned crib in general. I think the key to making a baseball room not overwhelmingly themed is to stick to a 2/3 color scheme. I personally love the black and white for this idea, but would love to throw in some wood tones to tie everything together.

If you're crafty/handy you could also try to make this super cool DIY baseball bat crib! I think that this is a nice baseball touch without being super overpowering, however, I think that any crib could work in a baseball themed room without a problem.

Hear me out... I love the idea of a circle rug since a baseball is a circle. You could go with a black, white, or they have rugs that look like a baseball itself. I love the idea of a fluffy rug to add texture, but with a baby white is such a hard color to have last. However, I think this might really depend on the color of your existing floor. If you have a light carpet or wood floor I think that black would work best BUT if you have a dark carpet or wood floor a white might give you a better contrast.

Another super important element in decorating and completing the baseball theme is shelving. I think there's 2 directions you can go here:

1. Traditional Shelves Decorated with Baseball Themed Items

I couldn't find the exact link for this shelf, but here's a similar one!

2. A Baseball or Home Plate Shaped Shelf

These are both DIY shelves (Baseball Shelf // Home Plate Shelf) but there's also options to purchase at least the home plate version on both Amazon and Etsy! I love this one from LLWoodDesignLLC because you can pick the stain color.

One final touch I love is filling a giant jar with baseballs. This is so simple to do and would really tie the room together! I think I would go with weathered baseballs which you can DIY with some dirt from your yard or find all over eBay, but new baseballs would definitely add a crispness to the room!

Okay, last one for real! You know I can't do a blog post without plugging a personalized blanket... I love the idea of a map blanket with the location of your favorite ballpark or a star map blanket from the night your favorite team won the World Series!

Although I struggled finding baseball nursery ideas, there were plenty of baseball bedroom ideas for older kiddos and boy- some people go HARD! I'm genuinely so impressed with the ideas and commitment that people have to completely transforming rooms from floor to ceiling.

I hope you guys loved this and definitely let me know if you use any of these ideas! What nursery theme should I conquer next?

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