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Halloween your Home

Happy First Day of Fall!

I've never been one that is super into pumpkins, flannel, or changing leaves (but I'm a BIG Christmas person)... however, my roommate has my Christmas energy for Halloween. Having your whole home decorated to the nines for anything will naturally make you more excited for it! So here are some of my favorite fall/Halloween ideas that I've seen (& am copying) this year!

  1. This is my absolute favorite! Witches hats hanging from the ceiling are the coolest Halloween decor I've ever seen. When I saw this reel by Sarah Knuth on Instagram I instantly tagged my roommate in the post and she ordered the hats for us to be able to do this- I'm so excited to see it come to life.

2. If you've seen my other blog posts you know that I love printable wall decor. It is so cute and SO easy to change out season by season. I love minimal black and white decor that adds the perfect touch for each season while staying consistent in the overall theme of the space. Here are a few of my favorites for Halloween that are instant downloads from this Etsy shop!

3. My roommate did this fun Bat idea last year at her boyfriends apartment and actually kept them up year round and decorated each bat for different holidays (which should tell you how committed to Halloween she is). This idea is super cute and is an easy DIY project!

I love the simplicity of all of these ideas + how easy they are (although I haven't actually hung up the witches hats yet so we will see how that goes haha). Happy First Day of Fall and time to get decorating! I hope you loved these ideas and please let me know if you try any of them out!

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