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Picture Perfect Nursery Decor

So... I've been spending a ton of time on Pinterest lately and I've seen the actual cutest nurseries. Like, makes me want to have a baby just to decorate cute! So I figured I had to share my favs so that you guys can get inspiration, copy exactly, or just cry looking at how adorable these are!

I've noticed that there are some very distinct themes that are super popular right now- so I'm pulling a few different vibes to give you all the options in one place.

Accent Walls

Holy cow! I'm OBSESSED. All of these accent walls with wood detailing add so much texture and dimension to a room. To me personally they literally look easier than wallpaper (tried that and its WAY harder than it looks!)

There's even a step-by-step walkthrough on how to do it!

Boho Vibes

I'm also in loveeee with the boho vibe nurseries! There are a ton of boho printables that you can buy on Etsy and have printed at a drug store to make a super cute wall statement for only like $10. This one actually has 2 others that match if you want to make it a set!

Along with that wall decor I also love the idea of a blanket ladder! Mini & Company has a bunch of bright and neutral colored name blankets that can match any decor scheme.

Safari Themed Nursery

These are so in- literally like every other post I see. Specifically giraffe wall art is so in, but honestly they're so cute so I totally understand why. The safari theme is gender neutral and genuinely cute for either gender unlike some other ideas that I've seen.

I'm obsessed with the hanging rope shelf in this pic so if anyone has one they love please let me know where you got it (if you're looking for one now here is the closest I could find!)

White with Accents

These don't actually come up as often as they did a few years ago, but I love the idea of creating a space that can easily be switched up as your child grows and has different interests.

If you start with a white base then you can add wall decor, pillows, blankets, etc. that you pick at first. However, it can be easily switched with minimal cost or effort when all of the sudden your tiny baby won't stop talking about their favorite tv show or super hero of the week.

All in all this will be a room that your child won't even remember, so as long as they have a safe place to sleep that's really all that matters. Let me know what vibe/idea is your favorite out of these or anything else you've seen!


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