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The Perfect Valentine's Day for Kids (We Planned Everything for You!)

Happy early Valentines Day! Honestly, Valentine's Day is one of my least favorite holidays and has been since I was a kid. For whatever reason, the middle of February was when I started to get really antsy in school year after year. This was typically the time of the year that if I was going to get in trouble it would be now (after Christmas but before Spring Break and most importantly about 100 days into the school year). Even though I never got in that big of trouble, I hate getting in any trouble, so I'm a little scarred haha. BUT now that I'm an adult I'm working on changing that (we're all for progress here folks!) So I decided I was going to plan the perfect Valentine's Day (that's also not impossible to accomplish). So here it is- I hope you enjoy!

Here's The Plan!

  • First Thing in the Morning: Baskets with everything you need for the day in them- no useless stuff

  • Breakfast

  • School (Valentine's Day is thankfully on a Monday this year!)

  • Snack

  • Activity (Movie, Craft, Book, Etc)

  • Dinner

  • Bed


There is one store (Target/Walmart/Amazon) trip involved- you can obviously go all out and order things from various places, but it's not required in the slightest. You will need some though supplies- here is your shopping list (I've linked my favorites too!)

Free Printable Sign


Here's the key & one of the most important parts of the day. You're NOT going to gift your kids a bunch of useless stuff- instead you're going to give them everything you need for the day! This means that you do need to prep slightly in advance, but I promise you can knock it all out in one trip to the store! Yes- your kids are getting things like eggs or pizza sauce for Valentines Day & they're gonna love it!

So a week before, the night before, or the morning of you're going to gather your supplies and put them into a basket you already own (kids don't care about baskets) OR you can buy a basket, BUT buy one you can re-use for Easter and many Valentine's Days to come!

With the things like the shirt, cookie cutters, activity, and blanket your kids will still be getting special things and there's also an opportunity for some sweets!


In the basket include your breakfast foods, whether that's eggs, frozen pancakes, or whatever you normally eat and then when you go to make. Have your kiddos help you and take advantage of the cookie cutters, sprinkles (why not have sprinkles on eggs or yogurt?), or the food coloring! Also don't forget to put your babes in their Valentine's outfit!

Another easy option is to put a heart shaped lollipop or cut out heart taped to a toothpick on a donut!


Again, just throw some sprinkles on anything or cut it into the shape of a heart- makes it so festive and so much more fun (also a great way to get kids to eat!) This is also a great time for classroom candy or the Valentine's Day treat if you don't like sugar before bed.


Here is activity time- make cookies, do crafts, build legos, watch movies, whatever works best for your family.


We're making pizzas or ordering a heart shaped one- that's also an option! You can use the cookie cutters to make your own pizzas heart shaped (pro tip: pita bread makes this super easy!) Get the kids involved in the cooking process and let them decorate their own pizzas.

Night Time

Do your normal night time routine and maybe read a Valentines Book or do a glow stick bath. Grab your new blanket for you kiddo to snuggle up with and end the day!

I hope you love this Valentines Day plan & I hope that it seems realistic for your family- also you don't have to do this on Valentines Day itself if you have plans with your parter! Do it the day before or the day after. Let me know your thoughts and send me a message on Instagram ( if you try it out!

Pizza Printable!

Pizza Printable
Download PDF • 856KB

Bonus! Printable Food Signs for Pancakes, Eggs, Cookies, Sandwiches, Pizza, and Fruit!

Food Sign Printable!

Food Signs
Download PDF • 641KB

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