What kind of blanket should I pick?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

In case you missed it, we've been adding a bunch of blankets to our collection over the last few weeks! With this, we want to explain the differences between them. We have a 5 different options that we are going to go through 1 by 1!

When picking out your blanket the first thing that you should pick out is the design that you want, but after that the next decision you should make is the size.

•Our 30x40 inch blankets are a good size for an infant or even a toddler. In terms of an official name for this size, we are calling it a baby blanket.

•Our 50x60 inch blankets are a standard throw size. This means it would be perfect as a couch blanket, for a kid to have on their bed, or for an adult to bring on a road trip.

•Our 60x80 inch blankets are the biggest ones that we have. They are the same size as a queen mattress, which makes these perfect to have on a bed or for sharing with someone else.

The next thing that you should decide after the size of your blanket is whether you want it in fleece or sherpa.

•Our fleece blankets come in all 3 sizes and are 100% polyester. They are super soft, high quality, and are a lighter weight blanket. Fleece blankets do have more pilling than sherpa blankets, but this can easily be fixed by running your hand over the blanket in the correct direction.

•Our sherpa blankets are currently only available in the 50x60 size. These are also 100% polyester, but have a supper fuzzy backing with a flat top to show the design. These are a bit heavier than the fleece blanket and perfect to cuddle up with this winter

We hope that knowing the difference between these blankets helps you decide which one would best suit your needs.

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