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Harlyn's Birthday

Hi everyone! Earlier this month we got the coolest opportunity- to have our checkered towels featured at Harlyn's 10th birthday party.

For those of you that don't know Harlyn is Britt and Chad Horton's daughter.

This awesome opportunity was brought to us from Picnic + Petal. They're a party planning company that plans all the instagram worthy events.

I wanted to show you guys some of the photographs from the event (shoutout to @dearjudephotography for the snaps!).

Here is the complete vendor list!


Design, Styling, Kids Table: @picnic_and_petal

Balloon Installation:


Party ware:

Acrylics Goods:

Custom cups:

Pampas Wall:

Custom Backdrops:

Marquee letters:

Personalized Bracelets:

Personalized Sunglasses: @estherbrophoenix

Personalized Towel Favors:

Face Gems:

Nail Polish:

Vinyl and Personalized Gift tags: @carlson_creations

Custom Macarons and Macaron Cake: @boymama_bakes

Custom Cake Topper:

Custom Sugar Cookies:


Custom Invitation:

Table Linens and Chair Tassels:

Umbrellas and Pool Floats:

Portable Fans and Misters:

Family Swimwear: