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The Coolest Playrooms Ever (That You Can Make Happen!)

I was just scrolling through Instagram and saw the coolest playroom wall come up under the #letthembelittle explore page. It looked so cool + there were instructions on how to recreate it in the caption and a separate video post!

@thatkirajadelife on Instagram

After looking through a ton of other inspo on Pinterest I think I've determined the key to a great playroom- a swing.

I actually used to have a swing as my desk chair in my office. It definitely was not the most practical for using all day, but I can vouch for the fact that it was not too difficult or expensive to put up. If you do this I would highly recommend having clips that allow you to take down the swing at any moment if its in the way or if your kids are being a little too crazy.

Even if you only have a corner or nook to be the designated toy space some kids wall art and open shelving can make it fun for the kiddos and help them to feel like they have a space of their own.

I've also seen a ton of these playrooms that give a purpose to areas under the stairs that are typically just empty space drywalled in.

Here's a video showing how to make a pretty epic version of this concept!

Last and probably least for most people- I had to throw in my dream playroom. Seriously- I wish I had this as a kid. It is totally unrealistic and extravagant, but looks like a blast! Hey, it's fun to dream!

I'm 99% sure that most of these playhouse "villages" are for businesses that are play places and charge admission. However, this would be SO cool to have in a basement.

As your kiddos grow you could transform the individual structures into game rooms, mini guest rooms for sleepovers, or even individual offices/homework spaces.

If I were to do this it would have to be a DIY project, but this company makes all sorts of options if that's in your budget and something you want to do (or a business you want to start!)

All in all, your kiddo would probably be happier with a large box to play in than any playroom after 24 hours so don't stress over making a space for them to destroy in 2 minutes. It's really more for you than them until they're teens and want their own space. Tag me in pics of your playroom/area on Instagram so I can see what you've got! (

Have a great week!


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